Hillyard Multi-Flo® XP Floor Finish System Complete

Hillyard Multi-Flo® XP Floor Finish System Complete

Item # 260645

  • Includes: Base unit, battery, charger, weights, clean out tube, B-I-B hookup. Plus, applicator head, one pad, and HIL50226 .5 GPM 12V pump.
  • Coat about 100,000 square feet on a full charge!
  • Handle folds making it easy to transport and store
  • Configuration for floor finish (resilient/vinyl tile)
Alternate #HIL50110

Apply floor finish at rates up to 10,000 square feet per hour in open areas like hallways, gymnasiums, and multi-purpose rooms.


  • Four independent swivel castors allow for maximum maneuverability. It's easy for an operator to get the Multi-Flo XP into tight corners, around pillars, or moving in a straight line.
  • The articulating handle gives the operator complete control and the freedom to perfectly position the machine in the tightest spots.
  • The battery operated pump system quickly dispenses finish. At the touch of a button, saturate the application head and keep a consistent "well" of finish to maintain a wet edge, a key to avoiding streaks and achieving better results.
  • Easy to access, yet protected, charger port. Simply plug in your charger to recharge your battery operated system.
  • Independently weighted application heads provide a consistent level pressure to the applicator to achieve specified coverage rates. The result is uniform coats of finish that make your floor look great, regardless of who is laying the finish. Traditiona
  • Bag-in-box, 5 gallon buckets, 2.5 and 1 gallon containers, the Multi-Flo XP accommodates them all! One applicator. Multiple containers. Many surfaces. Multi-Flo XP just makes sense.
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