SaniPod™ Pod™ Petite Manual Sanitary Disposal System

SaniPod™ Pod™ Petite Manual Sanitary Disposal System

Item # 297955_EA

  • Small, simple to operate and easily accessible. A hygienic, user-friendly sanitary disposal option. Easy to use finger-tip control. Black.
  • Lifting ring positioned away from waste deposit opening
  • Unique lid opening allows access from any angle
  • 1.85 gallon capacity. Includes free liner cassette refill
Black, ea
Alternate #20008M

Designed to minimize touch. Delivers a contemporary slim-line form, a stylishly simple solution to sanitary waste disposal. Featuring a convenient lifting ring rather than a traditional tray, there's no need for any contact with the opening. With no line of sight into the unit, it's a clean process both visually and physically, and our unique liner cassette protects cleaning personnel throughout the servicing process.


  • Compact wall-mounted design: greater utilization of washroom space; easy of cleaning under and around unit.
  • Ergonomically accessible from both standing and sitting positions.
  • Discreet locking mechanism minimizes tampering and spillages in cubicles.
  • No harmful sharp edges and no exposure to waste, protects cleaners when servicing.
  • No more toilet blockages or expensive plumbing call outs.